One of our road managers for 3 Dog Night was Gerry Stickles. Gerry had formerly been Jimi Hendrix's road manager. You can see Gerry in a number of historical publications containing Jimi touring. While on a plane trip one day, he started talking about these personal tapes of Jimi's that he had and he didn't know what to do with them. My heart speeded up and he looked at me and said, "Oh, would you like to have them?" Duh? I said, "are you kidding? Of course I would" and he gave me a cardboard box of tapes that I have to this day, stored in a safety deposit box, obviously. These are pictures of a couple of them. The reel sizes are actually 7 1/2 inches, but were reduced for web viewing. I've since been informed by his brother that the handwriting on the above left tape box is Jimi's.



   Here's another one. "Nite Bird" is a really cool song that I didn't recall hearing before. After looking around, I did found it, on an album, released after Jimi's death. The tape on the right has Dolly Dagger and a Jam on it. These were personal tapes. On the Electric Lady Land, rough vocal ideas tape, you can even hear the master tape being rewound at one point. It was obviously an end of the session work tape, that Jimi had made to study. Not to be mass produced. These are treasures to me, as I'm sure you would imagine.

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