A new book by an old friend, Pat O'Day. A legend in the Pacific Northwest, Pat has had a wonderful career in Radio and as a Concerts West original creator. Why would I bring this book to your attention? Stories of Three Dog Night, of course. Pat spent a lovely 3 chapters on us. This book was fascinating to me and put together a lot of the loose ends on the structure of the music business in the 60s and early 70s. It chronicles the development of such things as stage floor monitors and PA systems that would "cut" it in big venues. A must read for those of you who are rock trivia nerds ... as most of us are. You'll read the behind the scenes stuff about radio station structure and programming, as well as many stories about different performers of the time and many antidotes like only Pat could write. Did I mention that Pat was the one who "broke" our records nationally? You know, as in "start playing them on the air." Si, the first in the country to jump on it. A belated thanks to Pat for that and for all the other things he did that influenced our career and that of many others.

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