Wright in his 70s


Just click on the arrow below in the middle of the picture to start the slide show titled "WRIGHT KING: 88 and lovin' it."

The opening musical theme in this slide show suggests a strong background having it's roots in da French Quata' and the home of "Streetcar." But, alas ... this N'awlins jazz thang is quickly replaced by an even MORE well known American anthem.   Yes, you are the only one who knows how to access this on the internet. It's a secret and I can get rid of it anytime you want. I'm working on making you a "stand alone" DVD copy of this slide show to send to you. Enjoy

P.S. CLICK ON THE ARROW BELOW IN THE CENTER OF THE SCREEN to begin ... AND once it changes screens and starts playing ... scroll down ... and PLEASE click on the VIEW FULL SCREEN button which is a little yellow square button with 4 arrows pointing out (indicating stretch to full) near the bottom right hand corner of the next screen located next to the picture of a speaker..

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