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Pennsylvania: July 8, 1972 - The Pocono Pop Festival

   Just before we arrived at the airport in our Falcon fan jet, somebody in the group asked our pilot to show us what the plane could do. He proceeded to put the plane into a fairly sharp bank and leaned on it. He told us we hit about 1 "G." That was enough for me. I darn near puked. I started saying "Okay, okay, already!" After landing, we were transferred to a helicopter that would take us to the hotel. Lodging for all the entertainers was furnished by the promoters at the Holiday Inn. As we boarded and took off in the helicopter, it became obvious that the pilot wasn't exactly sure where the hotel was located. He DID, however, know which road it was on. Solution? Pull out a road map and fly low. Following the road, looking for road signs advertising the Holiday Inn. We couldn't have been more than 75' over the flow of traffic, flying like crazy down the highway. I was sitting up front with the pilot. Ultimately, we DID see a sign that said 1 mile to the Holiday Inn. We landed in the parking lot and would (much later) take the copter to the Pocono Speedway for the concert. As I recall, weather caused slow turnover time between bands and the rain made it unsafe to perform. The concert went way into the night. In fact, we didn't go on until about 6 or 7 in the morning. There was a sea of people that "stayed the course" and spent the entire night camping there. Kind of a "Woodstock" feel to it. A huge audience.

   Below is a newspaper article on the event, followed by a couple of pictures from our "Around the World" album that were taken at the concert that early morning.

   If you notice some handwriting on the article, that would be my mother's writing. It says "July 8th - Mike's group." This was an article from a newspaper that I found in her "keepsake" stuff. Aren't moms wonderful?


Danny and I walking in the light rain before our performance


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