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Moving Forward

   In September of 1971, we released our 2nd album of the year. It was titled "Harmony." Singles from that album included, "Family of Man," "An Old Fashioned Love Song" and "Never been to Spain."



   Paul Williams was on a writing "roll" and our good friend Hoyt Axton had written another great one. Cory got to hear him sing it with just a guitar, while he was at a fishing lodge with him. At least that's my recollection. It could have been at his home. Hoyt's writing was so good. His stories, his perspectives. Unique. Hoyt was very pleased when he heard the arrangement we came up with for the song AND with Cory's great vocal performance. I still think of Hoyt when we do "Spain" and "Joy" on stage. It's usually just a smile and a small wink while looking upward, but thinking of him just the same.

   Below is a copy of an International Fan Club news release that chronicled a few of our activities during this time.


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